BergaMASK ®

BergaMASK ®

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BergaMASK ®

The Next Generation Face Mask

The BergaMask is made up of three main components The Case, The Cage and the Filter.

The Case is made of antimicrobial molded silicon which is light weight and extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. The unique design of the case allows it to sit above your mouth area helping to prevent skin irritation and permit ease of breathing.

The Case comfortably rests on the base of your chin.

An manipulatable area around the bridge of your nose allows you to custom fit the case to your face.

The BergaMask comes with extra long cords to allow you to tailor the cage for both fit and comfort.

The Case set up is simple.

Locate the holes on one side of the mask. 

Take the pointy side of one of the cords and feed it through the hole.  

Making sure there is slack in the cord, feed the same cord through the second hole – there will be a lot of extra cord. Repeat on the other side of the mask with the second cord.

Next put the cords over your ears and adjust until the mask fits snuggly on your face and the cords fit comfortably over your ears.

Once you are happy with the fit of your Case cut of the excess cord and enjoy the freedom of BergaMask.