BergaMASK ® Care


BergaMASK ® Care


How To Assemble & Install Filter:

Step 1: Unpack Mask Kit


Step 2: Locate The Hole on One Side of The Mask. Take The Pointy Side of one of The Lanyard and Feed it Through The Hole. Make Sure There is Slack in the Cord, Feed The Same Lanyard Through The Second Hole (There Will be a Lot of Extra Cord).

Repeat on The Other Side of The Mask With The Second Lanyard.

Step 3: Separate The 2 Pieces of The Cage. Locate The Cage Piece Which Has a Small Lip, And Lay The Chosen Filter Over Top.

Step 4: Place The Second Piece of The Cage on Top of The Filter, Sandwiching Together.

 Step 5: Turn The Case Up Side Down And Insert The Filter Sandwich Under The Lip in The Case.

Turn The Case Right Side up And Make Sure The Cage is Completely Under The Cases Lip And You Are Ready to Take on The World.

Note:- For The Generic and IIR Filters, The Filter Will Overhang The Cage. This is to Ensure Coverage.


The Cage (Insert) is a unique interlocking casement which secures The Filter to The Case (Mask) and allows you to reuse the BergaMask over and over. There are two sizes of cage a bigger case for used for the Generic filter and the IIR filter and a smaller cage used for the FFP2 filter. The Cage (Insert) is included with your filter package.

Inserting a filter is very simple.

Separate the two pieces of The Cage(Insert). Locate The Cage(Insert) piece which has a small lip.

Place your selected filter on top of the lipped Cage piece.

Place the second piece of The Cage (Insert) on top of the filter – making a sandwich and push together.

Next turn The Case(Mask)  upside down and insert The Filter sandwich under the lip in The Case.

Turn The Case(Mask) right side up and make sure The Cage  (Insert) is completely under the case’s lip and you are ready to take on the world. 

*Note for the Generic and IIR filters the filter will overhang The Cage(Insert). This is to ensure coverage.

Step 6: Filter installation Completed.  Note: To Remove Filter, Complete These Steps in Reverse

How To Wear a Mask (Case):

Step 1: Place The Lanyard over Your Ears As Shown Below, And Adjust Until The Mask Fits Snuggly on Your Face. Make Sure The Lanyards Fit Comfortably Over Your Ears. 
Once You Are Happy With The Fit of Your Case (Mask), Cut Off The Access Cord And Enjoy The Freedom of BergaMASK.


How To Sanitize Mask & Cage:

 Step 1: To Sanitize, Dispose a Filter Apply a Heat Source to The Case (Mask) and Cage for 5 Minutes, We Recommend a Microwave, However Most Heat Sources Will Do.


 Filter Care...

To sanitize dispose of Filter, apply a heat source to The Case (Mask) and The Cage (Insert) for five minutes. We recommend a microwave however most heat sources will do. 

It is recommended to change your filter regularly.